19 Nov

Make Your House Be Your Home with Chic Curtains

In order to make life more beautiful and have better house to live, many people hanging chic curtains in the room to gain an unique home differ from others. But for some others, they do not care much about curtains when doing curtains selection. We have to know that curtains have many features but not only for light blackout and sound absorption. Curtains color and seize are also very important things we have to think of. There are lots of things you have to do if you want to have an unique home.


For dark room which is not good of light cause of the direction or lower story. When choosing curtains for such room, light colored curtains with loose structure geometric patterned curtains are better choice to make room look bigger and at the same time beautify the room. Or those fabric curtains have shiny surface can reflect light into the room to bright the inside.

If there is a very big room but in lower story, no doubt that people feel uncomfortable when living there.The chic curtains here are best those items in brilliant color with stripe pattern to liven up the walls and windows while pure colored drapes used for such big room in low story is in contrast visual to have a higher ceiling in sight.

Some small rooms look very narrow but long that is a very terrible visual effect. To keep a balance, transversal striped curtains better to gain a bigger room when using them for interiors decoration and extender the width. What is more, cold colored curtain better than warm color for which can manufacture spacious and offer an elegant visual effect.

chic curtains

There is huge number of chic curtains we can choose from in the market, what is your final choice if up to your room style and your favorite. The small room what we mentioned before, want to make room look bigger. Curtains color and patterns are very important.

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