8 Jun

How to use curtains to conceal the defects of your home

There is inevitably a lack of beauty of your houses and you might expect the designer can cover up the shortcomings of your rooms by choosing decoration materials, personalized designs. Curtains are indispensable decorations in soft furnishings, and they are in eye-catching position in your rooms, so they can reflect the owner’s lifestyle and taste.

1. Striped curtains can make your rooms look taller (Vertical Striped Curtains)

If your homes are large but not tall enough, or the ceiling of your homes make you feel stresses, you can choose striped curtains with beautiful colors. Some simple curtains can make your homes look bright and relaxed. In addition, you can choose the lift curtains.

White and Gray Office Window Curtains

2. Light-colored with shiny fabrics can make the rooms brighter

Bottom residential rooms or they have a bad room head, most people are not satisfied with the lighting problems. Although the ‘Hardware’ is insufficient, you can ‘package’ your rooms with ‘software’. When you install curtains in these rooms, you should choose light colors with small patterns, and you can also use fabric with shiny fabrics to decorate the walls. For example, cotton silk fabric curtains can also use thin gauze fabrics or choose shutters according to the own style of decoration.

3. Cool color curtains can make your room look spacious

If your rooms are small, you can choose light and cool colors curtains to decorate your homes because light colors can create a spacious and elegant visual effect. Besides, you can also accompany by sober, small-shaped patterns.

There are various curtains for you to choose, just seize the chance and maybe you can find beautiful curtains such as blue and white bay window curtains.

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